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5 Advantages of choosing Vue.js

5 Advantages of choosing Vue.js
You’ve probably heard of Vue.js by now, but do you know everything you can do with this amazing framework? Vue.js is undoubtedly a framework with many supporters around the world for its ease, performance, and its wide ecosystem. Created in 2013 by Evan You, a developer who worked at Google using AngularJS, the framework was planned to be lightweight and bring the best of AngularJS, according to the creator himself. Vue had its first version released in 2014.


In a quick comparison on GitHub, as of this writing, we can see that among Vue.js, React and Angular, three big, widely used frameworks, Vue.js has the most stars: So the first advantage is popularity, as this brings other great advantages with it. For, the more popular a framework is, the more other frameworks for its ecosystem emerge and a lot of good things happen. It also attracts new developers to get to know and use the tool, which brings in more libraries and creates a virtuous cycle.

Vast ecosystem

As stated before, one of the reasons Vue has been successful is its vast ecosystem that has several libraries and other adjacent frameworks. This ecosystem is composed of large frameworks, such as Vuex and Nuxt.js and some component libraries such as Vuetify and Buefy, or even mobile projects such as Ionic and NativeScript, and even its use with electron.js to create applications ‘desktops’, among numerous other projects and frameworks. But in addition to great frameworks, the community also creates several tools and/or adapts other existing tools to Vue.js very easily.  

Ease of learning

Compared to other JavaScript frameworks, Vue certainly stands out for being easy to learn, having a very low learning curve. For those who already know JavaScript, creating, altering or maintaining an application with Vue is a lot of work, and for those who do not know or have little knowledge as well, even because the framework only uses what is canonical in the language. That is, basically, everything that is learned to use Vue can be used in another JavaScript framework or even to work with JavaScript vanilla.


As one of the prerogatives of Vue’s development would be to be a lightweight framework, it didn’t neglect performance either. In a quick comparison we can see how fast Vue.js is compared to other current frameworks: But it’s not just for the basic features: *These data can be verified by the comparison carried out independently.


With Vue.js, you can choose what to use to work with. If you are more used to JavaScript or prefer typescript it doesn’t matter, prefer to use sass, SCSS, or “Less”, you can do it. And if that’s still not enough, and you want to use a pug instead of HTML, you can do that too. And best of all is that all this simply and quickly and separately. As we can see, Vue.js has numerous advantages to consider when choosing a framework to work with. Whether for one or all of them, I believe that Vue.js deserves at least a chance when it comes to deciding with which framework or technology a new application should be created. Esses dados podem ser verificados pelo comparativo realizado de maneira independente.  


Com Vue.js você pode escolher o que usar para trabalhar. Se está mais acostumado com javascript ou prefere typescript isso não importa, prefere usar sass, scss ou less, você consegue. E se ainda assim não for o suficiente e você quiser utilizar pug ao invés de html, você também pode fazer isso. E o melhor de tudo é que tudo isso de forma simples e rápida e separadamente.


Como podemos ver, Vue.js tem inúmeras vantagens a serem ponderadas na hora de se escolher um framework para se trabalhar. Seja por uma delas ou por todas, creio que Vue merece ao menos uma chance na hora de se decidir com que framework ou tecnologia uma nova aplicação deva ser criada.
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